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After I was introduced to the internet, a few years back, I had no idea that I could have my own web site, but what the subject would be was the question. I answered that question after I bought my own computer, and my second modelgun off of the internet. 

So, I started to search the internet to find more about the "replica guns" that I had. 

At first I had little success, because I was using the words "replica guns" as the search words, which did not work well, as the sites that did turn up, where for "decorator grade guns" horrible looking Denix ( a Spanish replica gun manufacturer) gun replicas (flintlocks, muskets etc.) and no modern firearms! 

No MGC's, Marushin's or any Japanese gun "replicas" showed up....

Then, through the internet, I noticed an add selling some used MGC "modelguns" after buying them (of course) I started using the words "model guns" in the search engine, I quickly learned that I knew very little about the primarily Japanese hobby! 

As most of my information about the modelguns, came from reading magazines like Guns & Ammo and  various other gun magazines, that featured the adds from the collectors armory and others, in the 1970's. 

Of course, those where the days to have bought them, as I did in 1978, an  RMC blued zinc (MGC)  M1911A1 .45 from the collectors armory. 

At the time, I had no idea just who made the replicas, I just knew the where cool! However, when the .45 arrived, I noticed that it had "Japan" stamped in tiny letters on the trigger guard so, I knew that at least this .45 replica was made in Japan. 

And when I bought my second blued zinc RMC (MGC) "frontier army .45" in the collectors armory's Alexandria Virginia retail shop in 1980 (instead of an Walther PPK! among all of the mp40's, Uzi's, S&W M76's etc.) 

I again, noticed the small "Japan" on the trigger guard so, I knew that at least some of the replica guns where made in Japan.( MGC couldn't use the letters MGC as they where trade marks used by Triumph for the MGC sports car so, they used replica model company: RMC.) 

That being the case, I decided to look into the primarily Japanese hobby a little closer. (at first mostly to find more replicas) 

So, I started to find web sites in Japan that where dedicated to modelguns, and of course they where in Japanese, but the pictures as always, saved the day. 

At first all of the sites where nothing more than pictures, until one day I found a site called "blow-back love" ( unfortunately, it has since closed down) that featured model gun video's! (a Sten mk2, a m2 carbine, a MP5! and an G43 sniper rifle along with an FG 42!) 

Which of course made me want to make my own site, that had videos of  my model guns firing! But..as all good plans go, things didn't quite work out, until last year, when I bought my new computer and found the probe lx and Shiraaya's site's. 

Now when I found these site's, my interest in building my own site increased. 

Every time I watched a new video made by the probe lx or shiraaya (I found the probe lx's site first, I then found Shiraaya's site through the probe lx's links page) my idea of an American version of an model gun site sounded better all the time.


 Why collect modelguns here?

To the average American, owning modelguns is a rather strange thing to do when we have access to the real firearms!

 However, that's  not always the case here, due to various state regulations (all of them unconstitutional!) as in my state, where machine guns are not permitted. 

However, I can own and "shoot" fullauto "weapons" legally here in my house! at anytime I wish too! 

Also, I don't have to undergo any background checks to own these either. Not only that, the real machine guns cost so much more than the other firearms here, on average over $2,000 to $100,000 or more! + the $200 tax on each one! (The tax is paid only once per firearm) Also, the ammunition cost! 

With the modelguns, I can have a nice affordable collection of  submachine guns, hand guns and assault rifles legally with out the problems of owning the real guns.


Why have guns at all? Why not a site for cute little bunnies?

First of all, firearms are tool's no more, no less! A fully loaded firearm left untouched will not hurt anyone! they do not have a brain and they cannot act for themselves, and despite their appearance, a gun is not intrinsically evil, so, anyone believing this fantasy-stop living in the 13'th century as witch craft and sorcery do not exist! Also, because a firearm was designed to kill, it doesn't mean it will be always used to kill anything. American firearms owners fire more than 2 Billion rounds of .22 long rifle and 3+ Billon rounds of center fire ammunition every year! either we are the worlds worst shots or the maybe we aren't as bad as we appear. Besides, we cannot un-invent the gun! and more importantly, they can be made with hand tools in any shop or garage! So, understand that they will be with us for hundreds of years, by the millions, like them on not! Besides, there are plenty of sites for bunnies out there. 

So, in short, if you do not like firearms, don't waste your time here!


This site conforms to all federal laws concerning  replica firearms. 

contact me for more information concerning model guns. 

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