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The collection contains various makes and models: MGC, Marushin, KSC, Kokusai almost all of the collection consists of semi/full autos. Revolvers, airsoft guns, regular cap guns etc, really don't seem to interest me that much. I bought an airsoft H&K pdw (Marui) it was fun, but not enough to keep my interest for long as the mechanics of the modelguns guns are what interests me, not what they shoot. My collection started little over a year ago, starting with an Marushin M712 model kit. As always, with anything fascinating, the collection keeps growing


Legend: ABS:  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (a hard plastic resin) 

HW: Heavy Weight (abs with cast in powdered zinc which  makes a heavy/ dense plastic resin)                

  ZINC: an metal alloy of varying hardness's

 CP: Cap Piston (two types: one where you use an old cap like an umbrella seal on the "piston" and the HW type, which uses an O-ring on the "piston" to help control the gasses.

 PFC: Plug  Fire Cap the (old) Marushin system. Basically, the cap itself functions as the gas seal pushing against the piston, with the cap facing downwards  towards the cartridge base which contains the pin that ignites the cap. this design being totally opposite the MGC system which places the cap at the base of the cartridge and the pin on the piston and the threads near the cartridge top as opposed to the Marushin design with the threads near the base of the cartridge where the gas pressure is the highest.

PFC/HW: Plug Fire Cap / Heavy Weight:  The (new) Marushin system, Basically an up-dated pfc design using O-rings on the "piston" and the cartridge base.

Paper cap: just like a old "rolled cap" except that the caps for these contain more powder and are printed on a flat sheet of paper 200 caps to a box, 4-5 caps per cartridge.

Under construction 

1.MGC mp 40 restoration project (stamped steel/zinc)  (display spec) 2.MGC mp40 (stamped steel/zinc) (paper cap, cp (220 Sig) and pfc carts)
3.MGC Thompson 1921 (zinc/wood) ( 7mm cp/hw spec.) 4.MGC Smith&Wesson model 59 two tone (#1)(abs) (7mm "open cart")
5.MGC Smith&Wesson  model 59 two tone (#2)(abs) (7mm "open cart") 6.MGC Smith&Wesson model 59 all chrome (#1)(abs) (7mm "open cart")
7.MGC Smith&Wesson model 59 all chrome (#2)(abs) (7mm "open cart") 8.MGC Smith&Wesson model 76 (abs) ( 7mm cp closed cart)
9.MGC Colt combat commander .45 (#1)(hw) ( 7mm cp/hw) 10. MGC Colt combat commander .45  (#2)(hw) ( 7mm cp/hw )
11. MGC Detonics .45 all chrome (abs) ( 7mm cp side fire ) 12.MGC  .44 auto mag (abs) ( 7mm cp side fire closed cart)
13.MGC M16A1 20"(abs) ( 7mm cp) 14.MGC 16 m655 (modified to an xm177 variant) (abs) ( 7mm cp)
15.MGC Colt  Clark "bowling pin" custom .45 (abs) ( 7mm cp center fire cart) 16.MGC Sig 220 (abs) ( 7mm cp side fire)
17.MGC Ingram mac11 (abs) (originally an 7mm open cart type, now a 7mm cp/hw closed cart configuration) 18.MGC "shooter one system" (complete) with an government model .45 (abs) ( 7mm cp center fire) (ACEPOINT "scope")
19.MGC Luger ( blued zinc) (display) (dummy cartridges) 20.Marushin mp40 (kit) (abs) ( 7mm pfc)
21.Marushin mp40 (abs) factory assembled  ( 7mm pfc) 22.Marushin M16A1 (kit)  (zinc) ( 7mm pfc)
23.Marushin dolphin (abs) ( new type 7mm pfc/hw center fire)   Beretta Dolphin Page 24.Marushin ppk/s (kit) (hw) ( new type 5mm  pfc/hw center fire)
25.Marushin Beretta model 84 (#1) (abs) ( 7mm pfc side fire) 26.Marushin Beretta model 84 (#2)  (siml. blue) (abs) ( 7mm pfc side fire)
27.Marushin Beretta model 84(#3) (abs) ( 7mm pfc side fire) 28.Marushin Colt "pocket .25" (abs) ( 5mm pfc side fire)
29.Marushin Colt  M1911A1 .45 (kit) (abs) ( 7mm pfc side fire) 30.Marushin Mauser M712  "schnell feuer pistol" (abs) ( 7mm pfc side fire)
31.KSC Beretta M93R (first version) (abs) ( 7mm cp/hw center fire) 32.Kokusai Walther p38 "Gestapo" ( blued zinc) (paper cap spec.) ( dummy cartridges)
33.Marushin ppk/s (abs) ( 5mm pfc side fire) 34.Marushin Walther p38 (abs) ( 7mm/ paper cap? pfc side fire)
35.Tanaka HK USP (abs) ( 5mm cp Tanaka spec. center fire) 36.MGC .44 automag (abs/zinc) (paper cap spec, no cartridges)
37.Hudson Madsen  M50 (zinc/steel) ( converted to Hudson spec hw 7mm closed cart)  38.Marui M712 "schnell feuer pistol" (kit) (abs) ( 5mm? Marui spec cart)
39.MGC Beretta M9 (hw) ( 7mm cp/hw)  produced in 1994? 40.Marushin M1911A1 (kit) (abs) (7mm pfc/hw center fire)
41.Marushin XM177E2 (7mm pfc) ( zinc) (kit) 42.Marushin Colt Combat Commander (kit) (hw) (7mm pfc/hw)
43.Marushin M1911A1 (kit) (abs) (7mm pfc) 44.Marushin XM177E2 (7mm pfc) (zinc) (kit)
46. KSC Beretta  M93R  (second version) (HW)   (7mm HW) 47. Hudson Sten Mark2  (Zinc) (Hudson spec 7mm hw/ PFC) 
48. MGC "shooter one system" (complete) with an Government model .45 (ABS) (7mm cp center fire) (REDPOINT "scope") 49.Hudson M3A1 "grease gun" (ABS) ( Hudson spec 7mm hw/ PFC)
50. MGC "Berretta" M12 (abs) (7mm cp) (kit) 51. MGC "berretta" M12 (ABS) (7mm cp) (no trademarks)
52. MGC Thompson (1928 style) (7mm cp/hw) (zinc) 53. MGC M4A1 carbine (7mm cp/hw) (hw)

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