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Marushin Dolphin in box (click for more pictures)

The real Dolphin:

The question is, does the real pistol exist? the whole premise to this pistol, is that it is an issue pistol to the "Navy Seals" special operators teams. Not that I am an expert, but the seal teams being interested in this type of pistol is quite remote, except for a experiment! as almost all of these true machine pistols are extremely hard to control during fullauto fire (with the exception of the beretta M93R and the Glock G18) Also, I don't think that beretta would want to manufacture these pistols for anyone as they have an successful machine pistol design already.

The Marushin Dolphin: The types 

The Marushin Dolphin is made as a fully assembled abs modelgun, an abs kit version, an HW kit version and a assembled HW version. 

I haven't seen the kit version yet, it must have been produced a while back, perhaps Marushin might produce it again in the near future. However, the chances of getting one of these kits is quite remote, too bad.


The Marushin Dolphin: The cartridges

Marushins New Plug Fire cartridges (15 per box!)

The cartridges that Marushin uses in this modelgun are basically up dated examples of their old pfc cartridge design, up dated to the center fire configuration using a new base, primer, and piston. it does look allot better then their older design although, the cartridge separation point remains in the same place: near the case bottom, Marushin has added an O ring here however, which helps considerably in the gasses retention. Unfortunately, this high pressure gas also gradually weakens the case as the case is thin at that point due to the threads at the base. 

Ultimately causing the cartridge to break off at the threaded point! If the cartridges did not cost as much as they do, this might not be too bad but when a box of 15 can cost $25-$30.00 (or more) in the USA, that's pretty bad! fortunately, the KSC M93R cartridges can be used in the place of the Marushin cartridges, and as they are the MGC style, they are 100% longer lasting! Also, if the O-ring is lubricated right and the interior of the case is clean, the KSC/MGC cartridges are (almost) 100% reliable!


The Marushin Dolphin: The appearance

If the real Beretta "Dolphin" handgun does exist, then this modelgun is very faithful in appearance to it, as Marushin does a great job of duplicating the real firearms. The abs is molded with a nice dark gray/black finish  and the markings are crisp and well defined, although  there are no Beretta trade marks on this "Dolphin" as Marushin doesn't have the copy rights for the Beretta name. 

Although Marushin, did a great job duplicating the Beretta, they didn't do very well on the magazine, as the feed lips where misadjusted from the factory. (oops!)  and the magazine body is made from un-hardened sheet steel, so it has a tendency to bend the feed lips easily. Although, they do state in the directions how to adjust the magazine lips for the best feeding angle



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