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The "junk box" 318i : Shiraaya's website: http://web3.incl.ne.jp/shiraaya/index.html  The modelgun fans site! (the term "junk box" is referring to his collection of broken modelguns and parts) don't miss this site! lot's of videos! (although, it is in Japanese only! as are 90% of the modelgun sites).

Tochino : Tochino's  website: http://www.tochino.com/   This website is owned by a special effects technician who has a interest in modelguns, pretty cool! again, it is in Japanese only!

The Probe lx : The Probe lx's website: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/1680/probelx_001.htm The first modelgun site that i found when i started searching the web for modelguns, he has allot of cool inventive videos!. ( in Japanese only)

The "GUN PB" :The GUN PB's website: http://www.d5.dion.ne.jp/~kimocy/index.html  A cool site, he clearly enjoys customizing modelguns and it shows! the "GUN PB" refers to his passion for the Berretta! (in Japanese only)

 A Modelgun Gallery : Nory' s  website:  http://homepage3.nifty.com/nkoinuma/index.htm  A very nice site! Great pictures of modelguns with English descriptions! a must visit site. (some English, mostly Japanese)

Model Gun Collector: modelguns for sale: http://www.modelguncollector.co.uk/index.html  This is a website in Britain that sells modelguns and parts. Nice site! good place to go for modelguns.



Real firearms and parts links

Tommygunner .com: http://www.tommygunner.com/   If you need Thompson parts etc, this is the place to visit ! The always hard to find Thompson item, the Buttstock slide assembly is available through them.

Dan's Thompson stocks: http://home.rconnect.com/~danlaura/  Dan will custom make Thompson stocks to order. His stocks are works of art! So, if you are in need of a new stock for your pride and joy talk to Dan!

Mikes machineguns: http://mikesmachineguns.homestead.com/MikesMachineGuns.html Mike is a collector of Thompson's and memorabilia. A cool site!


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