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The cartridge cases eject with some force! So if you are not careful, you can break some expensive items!

The actual Beretta M9:

The Beretta M9 is the standard issue pistol in the U.S. military. Replacing the venerable M1911A1 .45 in 1985, mostly due to stocks of "worn out" M1911A1's  and the .45's perceived "heavy recoil" which was deemed too excessive for the average soldier to handle! Actually though, I think that politics had more to do with this decision than any other aspect. The Beretta M92SB was chosen by Beretta to enter into competition for the U.S. service trials in 1983-84 with the Beretta M92SB being modified to participate.( the European style of magazine release  was changed to the behind the trigger guard style along with other improvements in the design. Of course, the name was then changed to the M9 nomenclature after adoption into the U.S. army.

The design has so far been proven as being very reliable in service conditions. However, one serious design defect was discovered, that after firing many thousands of rounds of "hot" service ammunition, the slide could (and often would!) fracture at the locking recesses in the mid part of the slide, causing the rear of the slide to exit the frame at high velocity! Beretta engineers soon designed an oversize hammer pin that would function as an slide-retaining device in the event of the slide breaking at the locking recesses.

The fact that the Beretta M9 is the official U.S. service pistol, doesn't of course mean that it is the only pistol in U.S. service though, as the special forces have the H&K "soccom"  pistol in .45acp, and some special units use the Sig 226 as the issue pistol.

The MGC Beretta M9:The MGC Beretta M9 in it's box with acccessories.

The MGC  Beretta M9  is the modelgun version of the U.S. service M9 and as usual, it is the typical high quality MGC modelgun. Great detail abounds, the action is smooth and the depiction is accurate. MGC also produced a "desert storm" version complete with the proper box and details. These versions seem to be rare in Japan as I have seen very few for sale.

The slide has the correct markings:  U.S. 9mm-P.BERETTA-65490 PB (lh side) ASSY 9346442-65490  PM  (rh side)

Check out the correct markings!

The frame also has the nomenclature U.S. 9mm M9-P.BERETTA-65490 (rh side) just like the original U.S. issue pistols!

Slide open ater the last shot.

What makes this MGC M9 really interesting to me though, is even though  it says cp-HW on the box, the reference must be only  to the cartridge type, as the finish and the weight of the slide tells me that the slide is abs also, the frame doesn't look like the typical HW surface finish, as most of the other HW modelguns that I have seen have a dark gray "chalky" appearance and  they are usually cool to the touch. 

MGC might have been experimenting with the surface finishes in an attempt to make the M9 look more realistic or simply for function, who knows?

When I received this M9, I thought that MGC would have made the box look just like the plain "M9" cardboard military issue box. Instead, they choose  to make a corrugated blue commercial "Beretta" box, with the Beretta "trident" on the cover.

The MGC M9 came with a box of 8 cartridges, 2 Allen wrenches, a wooden handled Q-tip, a vinyl tube( for loading) a warrantee card? and a manual . 

The cartridges are the CP-HW  type (the KSC Beretta M93R uses identical cartridges) meaning that they have the improved piston with the O-ring instead of the type that uses the old cap as a seal. 

This new CP-HW style is far more reliable as the O-ring is positively located on the piston. 

Extremely rarely does this type fail, and the CP-HW cartridge has a far better gas sealing potential than the older CP type, in which the old (typically used) cap can tear and allow the gasses to "bypass" the piston of course failing to blow-back the slide/bolt.

As the M93R cartridges are the same as the M9 (I have a little more than 80 cartridges for it) there is really no problem, as these cartridges are really reliable, typically MGC quality! However, I also noticed that the Marushin Dolphin cartridges work excellently in this modelgun. 

So, that was a surprise to me, as I figured that  the Marushin cartridges wouldn't work in the MGC or vice versa, although, They do seem to emit "sparks" a little better than the MGC/KSC cartridges too. (due to the hole through the piston) 

The Marushin cartridges do have a weak spot though, they have been known to break in the threaded area of the main body of the cartridge case and they can be hard to clean, as they are multi-piece with O-rings that are easily lost and they are hard to replace due to they are quite small.

 I used the "silver" Marushin brand caps for the video, although, I don't really think that they quite look realistic due to the sparks.   Although, sometimes they do give a little muzzle flash. 

The fact that these modelguns aren't very loud, often surprises people who think of these modelguns as "blank firing guns" when in reality, they are just sophisticated cap guns I rather think that it is better that they are quiet, so you don't have the police knocking on your door after firing a full magazine! 

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