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firing the MGC mac11  notice the gasses coming out the muzzle? and the sparks from the Marushin caps

The real Ingram Mac11

The Ingram Mac11 (or Military Armament Corporation Model 11) has a very high rate of fire, around 950/ 1,100 rounds per minute! it will empty an 32 round magazine in seconds! it's quite a blast to shoot one, although, it is actually kind of like "shooting" an air impact wrench! 

I fired a friends Mac11 (a RPB manufactured MAC11) a few years ago, the experience is still fresh in my mind, as this is a very fun gun to shoot. 

The recoil is mild, as it fires .380 acp (not really noted for it's recoil)  and the magazine is empty before you know it!

The MGC Ingram Mac11

MGC mac11 with the original box of cartridges for it (in the orange stripped box) and a box of cartridges for the MGC S&W M59 (red stripped box)                                        MGC (ABS) MAC 11 in an original MAC shoulder holster

Once again, MGC did a very nice job on the details on this modelgun.

 Although, the selector on my example doesn't function, so mine is full auto only! and the original finish was too glossy, so I put it in my "sandblaster" cabinet  and "glass beaded" it. ( it now has a slightly rough "sand blasted" finish) Now, I think it looks considerably better)

The receiver ,barrel, bolt and upper is constructed from abs, with various parts made from zinc- the stock assy, trigger, sear, bolt handle etc. with a few parts made out of steel- the pins, springs, extractor, magazine, selector and various other parts. 

There is enough metal and heavy abs castings to give this MGC Ingram modelgun a good solid feel. 

I would like to have an HW version (MGC or Taito) as I am sure that it might come close to the actual weight of an original Mac11!

My version originally used the open type of cartridges, but after trying to shoot it with no luck at all ( jams and failures to feed the cartridges right etc.) I decided to convert it over to the cp type cartridges of course that meant that I needed to change the detonator, as the open cartridge detonator is quite different, being too big to enter the hole in the nose of the cp cartridge.

Only later, did I realize my mistake, as I was using the wrong type of open cartridge. I was trying to  use the cartridges for the MGC S&W M59! they where too long, causing all of my feeding/shooting problems!

 And of course, it was too late for the old detonator, as I had destroyed it in making the newer style detonator. 

Cartridges for the MGC mac11 (on left) and cartridges for the MGC M59 (on right) note the length differance.

The detonator:

The detonator gave me the worst problems, as I didn't know the proper length or the  proper diameter  to modify it too. 

So, I began to study the cartridges that I believed would work, the new HW/ CP  cartridge made by Taito (the new MGC) for their new version of  the (HW) Mac11. As the length and with where the same and they as a consequence, they would fit in the magazine. 

original MGC (CP) mac11 cartridges (on left) and Taito "the new MGC"  HW cartridges (on right)                                          My newly made firing pin (in the center) for the "HW" cartridges...

The original MGC (hw) cartridges (on left) used a slightly different design with an flatter nose than the Taito (the new MGC) cartridges (on right) why the original cartridges are like this, I have no idea, because a rounded nose would seemingly be better for feeding, who knows? 

The detonator that originally came with my  MGC Mac11, was damaged beyond repair when I tried to turn it down on my lathe to the smaller diameter that was needed for the HW cartridges. The original detonator was very hard to machine, it might have been made of stainless or a very hard carbon steel.

So, I used a 8mm x 1.25 thread carbon steel bolt that I bought at a local hardware store. Actually I should have used a stainless steel bolt, but I didn't think about it at the time...

 I turned the 8mm bolt down (after cutting off the threads) to these dimensions: 42.37mm (overall length) x 5.39mm ( main body diameter ) x 3.31mm (set screw relief) x 3.64mm (detonator "point" diameter) x 18.56mm (detonator "point length") and after finishing the detonator,  I tried it for the first time with a full magazine, it worked flawlessly! Cartridges all over the place! under the stove, the refrigerator, the table The sink! etc. 


I have since changed several items on my MGC MAC11, they are-The bolt assembly (new MGC/Tatio HW) an original MGC suppressor  (still in the original MGC box) and the select fire components (from a Spanish Denix-all zinc-MGC MAC 11 copy) so now, I can select semi/full auto which works very nicely and adds a little extra to the somewhat light weight ABS mac11.  


(I used MGC brand caps on the first "shoot" and  Marushin 5mm caps on the second)


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