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Dual MGC S&W M59's Note the sparks! (I used Marushin caps)

The real S&W M59:

There are several versions of the actual Smith&Wesson M59, first introduced to the public in 1971, it featured an aluminum frame, double action and a high-capacity magazine. Basically, it is a higher magazine capacity (13) version of the S&W M39. 

Originally, Smith &Wesson developed the model 39 pistol for a US Navy  requirement for a suppressed pistol nicknamed the "hush puppy" pistol (it was envisioned that the seal teams could use this suppressed pistol to eliminate enemy guard-dogs) It was called the Mark 22, Mod O Pistol. Basically, the slide could be locked in the forward position when firing the pistol with the suppressor on-this quieted things down a bit, as you can hear the slide moving, and the cartridge case hitting the ground! certainly not good for stealth, especially when the enemy is close by! Later on in development, the M39 was made from stainless steel and modified for a larger 13 round magazine, and it was renamed the WOX-13A. 

This pistol, in a modified form, (aluminum frame and the 13 round magazine) was sold to the public as the M59.

Over the years, many variations of the M59 appeared-all stainless versions, nickel plated and shortened compacts etc.


The MGC S&W M59

original MGC S&W M59  poster                              

MGC offered the S&W M59 in different configurations, basic black, all silver and two tone versions. I have two "slide blue, silver frame" and two "all silver" versions with the open cartridges in the original hard Styrofoam boxes. 

Being that they are constructed of ABS, they do lack weight, which makes them feel very unusual to me, as I am used to weight of the real S&W. (Well, at least my M39!) 

The trigger pull is a little harder than I expected, infact, it's hard to tell just when the hammers going to fall. 

MGC produced this model back in the 80's before the CP cartridge had been developed So, the engineers at MGC developed the open mouth cartridge, they where, of course obviously inspired by the paper cap cartridges. 

This M59 and all of the early MGC pistols and smg's used the open cartridge basically, this just looks like a empty cartridge casing-closed on one end with the solid "primer" acting as the " plug" in the cartridge base.

At first, I thought the open cartridge was a very good idea as they looked more authentic than ejecting  "live" looking rounds. 

But, the "open" cartridges have some problems 1.) They are damaged fairly eaisly  i.e. the case mouth can be deformed when they hit a hard sharp edge  2.) The "primer" can be lost as they are small and eaisly dropped  3.) They are incredibly sensitive to the residue caused by firing the caps as the cartridges have a very tight fit on the detonator, as the detonator in this case, acts as the piston. 4.) The diameter of the open cartridges is usually smaller than the newer CP and HW styles. So, the open cartridges are not quite as desirable as the later CP style cartridges.

The open cartridge detonator could be exchanged for a newer style of detonator of course, but i was trying to get the feel of what it was like to "shoot" the original MGC M59 (s) later on, i will make a new detonator (s) for them. 

The problem was of course, was to find a cartridge that would fit into the M59's magazine, as the diameter of the open cartridges is smaller than the other types. 

Looking at my cartridges, i decided to utilize the MGC (Tatio) Mac 11 HW cartridges, which of course requires me to make 2 new detonators (wow, what fun! :) and that of course will be my next modelgun project.


The video:

The video was "shot" last week, but I didn't think that I had enough good video to show, but in reviewing the video, I determined that I truly did have enough to make a short video, it's not much, but until I finish the new detonators, it's all i have. 

As you can see in the video, I had some problems with the open cartridges (the problem later turned out to be a damaged extractor) I had some more stoppages again, due to the bad extractor, not allowing the cartridge to eject causing the problem. 

I don't think that the video's too bad what do you think?

CLICK HERE : To see the M59 video





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