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MGC (left hand) and Colt (right hand) out at the range.  MGC Colt's Combat Commander

The recoil from the MGC (left) is very mild, more like a .22 than the real .45 (right)



 The real combat commander:        Colt Combat Commander box 1970'sA boxed Combat Commander (1978 production)

The Combat commander originally started out as an experimental version of the M1911A1, in the late 40's, the U.S. military was looking for a replacement for the officers issue pistols, these typically where Colt 1903 .32 ACP pocket pistols at the time these pistols were showing signs of age so the decision was made to replace them with a modern and  more powerful  pistol. 

Several pistol designs where submitted, one being the Springfield armory's T33 (9mm) experimental pistol. Various other manufacturers designs were tested, including a specially shortened 1911A1 .45 from Colt. 

The decision at the end of testing was to adopt a design offered by the Rock Island Arsenal  (the XM70) it basically was a shortened and somewhat modified M1911A1 service pistol. It was issued as the Model 15 in 1972. (the .45 ACP General Officers Pistol Model 15) In 1949, Colt introduced the commander model, with an aluminum frame in .45 acp this of course, was a government model with the slide and barrel shortened to 4.5 inches which again was like the Colt officers prototype. 

And, in 1971, Colt introduced the Combat Commander, that featured a steel frame for durability and although, it weighed more than the Commander model, the extra strength and stability was worth the weight penalty.

The "70 series" Combat Commander was available in 3 calibers .45 ACP, 9mm Luger and .38 super and it remains in production to this day.


 The MGC Combat Commander :   MGC combat commander box lid   MGC combat commander in box (note the small bags of dessicant)     

The MGC version of the Combat Commander is very nice, as it replicates the original colt closely although, there are few slight details that are incorrect (1. the trigger: the two examples of the MGC combat commanders that I have in my collection, feature a bright zinc trigger, this should be blued, not brightly finished! only the "sand-blasted nickel" combat commander's had a brightly finished trigger. (2. The real Colt barrel protrudes slightly from the barrel bushing, the MGC barrel does not. (3. The weight: the MGC is very close though, it is only a few ounces/grams off of the original Colts weight. 

This version of the MGC Combat Commander uses the earlier type of the (smaller in diameter) CP HW cartridges.

These cartridges are not the size of a true .45 acp cartridge. They are more reminiscent of an .40 S&W cartridge than a actual .45 acp. With the addition of a HW piston, the earlier CP style cartridge can be used in a HW modelgun. This is of course, great news as I have several boxes of the earlier CP .45 cartridges!

Colt and MGC  muzzles              Colt on top MGC on bottom (big difference in finishes) right hand view                 Colt and MGC commander

MGC (on the left) Colt (on the right)                         Colt (top) MGC (bottom)                                         Colt (top) MGC (right)

The video:

The video was shot using Federal 230 grain "hydra-Shok" ammunition in the Colt,  and  MGC brand caps in the MGC (HW) commander. As the video shows, I had some trouble with the recoil! The "hydra-Shok" is pretty hot! especially when fired from my left hand! This was the first time that I fired the MGC commander, and I wasn't sure what to expect, due to the fact that it was a heavy-weight. 

In fact, it was the first heavy-weight modelgun that I had fired to that point. Actually, the sound and recoil of the MGC was quite a surprise, it was actually more like shooting a .22 version of the Colt! And the sound wasn't too bad either! It sounded somewhat like a suppressed .45! The MGC cartridges actually flew farther than I expected (although, not as far as the real cartridge casings!) All in all, it was fun shooting them together as it was a different experience.



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