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The real M93R:

The KSC Beretta M93R is an very interesting design, it of course is a modelgun version of the real thing, which is a very rare firearm in the USA, as comparatively few where imported originally for law enforcement purposes. 

The actual Beretta M93R must be quite the handful, especially when fired full auto (3 round burst) despite the folding fore grip. 

The addition of the optional Beretta shoulder stock might help though.
KSC Beretta M93R 1st version  (ABS) in box with 2 boxes of cartridges and a spare 20 round magazine.                                      KSC M93R slide open and foregrip folded down                               

Manufacturing the Beretta M93R:

 KSC, I believe is the only manufacturer of the Beretta M93R  at this point in time,( well as of 11/?/03) they still produce the M93R modelgun in the Heavy Weight ("second version") configuration along with the airsoft version ( but, who knows for how long) and, as far as I know, they might have stopped making the modelgun version already....Which would be too bad, as this is a very entertaining modelgun!

The impression:

The scale and the detail of this modelgun is great. There are actually 4 versions of the M93R that KSC makes, The abs "first version" with trade marks, The ABS" first version" with out trade marks, The HW "2nd version with trade marks, and the HW "2nd version" with out trade marks. I have the non trade marked "first version" I have heard that the "first version" is the more reliable version? I am hoping that I will find a "second version" here in the US, so I could compare them. (And perhaps a stock for it too.)
KSC M93R modelgun-slide open, stabilising foregrip (folded down) and 20 round magazine                                            KSC M93R close up (notice the lack of Beretta trademarks?)

 The KSC M93R comes with a 20 round magazine ( although strangely, only 5 rounds of cartridges are included though...) and the instructions are in Japanese. which makes it hard for the average non-Japanese modelgun beginner. Thankfully, however, the pictures/illustrations are a great guide for assembly/disassembly and cleaning. The firing simulation is excellent! The selector, when placed in the 3 round burst position limits the rounds "fired" to 3 per pull of the trigger, just like the real M93R! 

The weight is a little bit off though, as the real M93R must weigh 2 pounds or more by the looks of it alone! As this is the ABS version I expected the weight to be off, even with any extra weight added. The heavy weight 2nd version is possibly closer. Although, I haven't gotten close enough to a real one to weigh it!

Firing the KSC:

The (simulated) firing experience is quite entertaining, the report is not very loud, compared to the power of the cap (as the cartridge is fairly sealed very little noise escapes) if the loading of the cartridges is correct, and the gun is clean and lubricated correctly, the firing cycle will continue until you stop or you run out of cartridges! of course, this doesn't happen all the time as these modelguns have carefully balanced needs (proper lubrication, proper cartridge loading, etc.) The recoil is slight, but, it is there just enough to notice it.

KSC thankfully, used the MGC style cartridge design, instead of the less reliable (actually less efficient ) Marushin design. As the case separates at the top just under the "bullet" which is an excellent design as the major pressure spike happens near the case bottom, so very little gas pressure is lost, which makes a very desirable, reliable and strong cartridge. The only problem is that KSC includes only 5 cartridges with each modelgun! Also, the cartridge is an center fire design, not the common "side fire" cartridge. Meaning that  KSC uses a real extractor and a realistic firing pin which increases the reliability factor by several times! (not to mention the reality factor!)

KSC's "9mm" Para cartridge (8 per box)

How much longer?

KSC has a winner here, it really is too bad that the airsoft craze will continue to kill off the modelgun hobby. (at least in Japan anyways, as modelguns are practically unknown here in the U.S.) Thankfully , the manufacturers are still coming out with new modelguns although not as many as in the past, but there is still an avid interest in the modelgun, as there is still a good following for these.


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